P2P Local Live Ads = New Jobs

VANM is about creating new job opportunities in a future where more and more jobs are at risk through automation and smart contacts.

Having your own job means to be financially independent of a future universal basic income, which is centrally controlled and may be subject to...


Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Pictures speak louder than words. We've all heard this sentence before. Yet today it is more relevant than ever. Social media has evolved from the blog to the tweet to the picture and finally to the video. Fewer and fewer people are willing to consume messages and social media in...


Don't build your own website!

If you consider building your own website for a small local business, consider the following:

Since you’re probably not a web designer or programmer yourself, you’d probably need to hire someone to put your site up and running. You’d also have to commit a large amount of time to...


The future of mobility comes FREE

By the mid 2020s autonomous cars will be a part of everyday life. The benefit of lower transportation costs, convenience and increased productivity during commutes will act in favor of mass adoption in bulk areas.

While it seems logical to pay for daily commutes, it is less so...


Pavel Gurov has joined the advisory board of VANM

Pavel has a decade of marketing and sales experience in consulting and the professional services industry at Michael Page, Hudson and HAYS in established management roles as well as in developing his own start-up projects related to crypto, media, retail and distribution...


Social Media Artists

Here is to the crazy ones... In all seriousness - none of our favorite social media networks would exist without them. We’ve seen their talent rise, their channels grow and their content quality improve day by day. Great content is what brought us back time and time again. The...


Advertising hasn’t changed for decades. It will.

More of the same isn’t the answer. Passive advertising consumption fails.


Local Live Ads

How do VANM's local live ads differ from other commercial location services we're all used to, such as popular search engines, travel reports or AI voice assistants?

If you are looking for the nearest popular fast food chain or supermarket, the differences are small. On the...



The letters V.A.N.M. can be seen in the cut outs of a circular coin shape, which embodies the underlying digital currency that fuels the VANM ecosystem.

These open letters protrude beyond the circular shape and resembles our open source philosophy. They further remind us to be...