P2P Local Live Ads = New Jobs

VANM is about creating new job opportunities in a future where more and more jobs are at risk through automation and smart contacts.

Having your own...

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Don't build your own website!

If you consider building your own website for a small local business, consider the following:

Since you’re probably not a web designer or programmer...

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Social Media Artists

Here is to the crazy ones... In all seriousness - none of our favorite social media networks would exist without them. We’ve seen their talent rise,...

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Local Live Ads

How do VANM's local live ads differ from other commercial location services we're all used to, such as popular search engines, travel reports or AI...

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The letters V.A.N.M. can be seen in the cut outs of a circular coin shape, which embodies the underlying digital currency that fuels the VANM...

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