The future of mobility comes FREE

By the mid 2020s autonomous cars will be a part of everyday life. The benefit of lower transportation costs, convenience and increased productivity during commutes will act in favor of mass adoption in bulk areas.

While it seems logical to pay for daily commutes, it is less so regarding shopping trips where competing retailers or service providers benefit from increased customer traffic. Why should someone pay travel expenses or parking fees to visit a restaurant or mall, if the owner is willing to provide this service for free? VANM will establish a consumer hub where local markets can compete for customers by offering free mobility.


Imagine the following situation:

You’ve found and bookmarked a place that you would like to visit on VANM. The next day you decide to go there, but it's a few miles away from your current location. VANM would automatically search your bookmarks, contact the resp. advertiser, if a mobility deal can be arranged, then assist that shop or service provider in exchanging their VANM tokens into the native IoT tokens of the nearest autonomous vehicle/entity. Your ride is free.