Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Pictures speak louder than words. We've all heard this sentence before. Yet today it is more relevant than ever. Social media has evolved from the blog to the tweet to the picture and finally to the video. Fewer and fewer people are willing to consume messages and social media in written form. Even our instant message texts are increasingly supplemented or even replaced by emojis and memes.

The rapidly increasing globalization in the western world poses additional challenges for social networks and advertising. Language barriers have to be overcome efficiently so that ads can be perceived as informative instead of annoying by the consumer. The renouncement of text is the simplest and perhaps even most effective method to formulate generally understandable messages.

VANM encourages advertisers to summarize their simple advertising message in a suitable and creative image to get their message across to their customers within the first second. Visual impressions last longer than casually read text.