P2P Local Live Ads = New Jobs

VANM is about creating new job opportunities in a future where more and more jobs are at risk through automation and smart contacts.

Having your own job means to be financially independent of a future universal basic income, which is centrally controlled and may be subject to increasingly strict regulations and conditions such as social ranking. Social ranking systems are an opposition to the basic philosophy of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies such as VANM, the decentralization of financial power. Peer-to-peer jobs are flexible and can be implemented into everyone’s life without permission. They enable a new era of democratic local economies and financial freedom for everyone involved.

What could a new local peer-to-peer economy look like? Imagine Peter loses his job at the bank but has privately acquired high skills as a personal trainer in the fitness industry. We at VANM want Peter to be able to leave his apartment the next morning with his sports bag, place his ad via the VANM app and become a personal trainer with the power of viral local live ads as soon as he arrives in the central park where he meets his new clients. This is just one example of how peer to peer advertising can change local economies.