Local Live Ads

How do VANM's local live ads differ from other commercial location services we're all used to, such as popular search engines, travel reports or AI voice assistants?

If you are looking for the nearest popular fast food chain or supermarket, the differences are small. On the contrary, they may not be listed because they do not fall into the typical circle of advertisers who benefit from VANM.

Instead, imagine visiting an unknown city, walking the streets and looking for a nice place to spend the evening. 5-star ratings or recommendations from your voice assistant won't tell you anything about today's special features such as live events or good deals. You will miss the opening of an Italian restaurant in the side street next to you, as well as the live jazz concert in the bar at the other end of the road.

Do not rely on recommendation of third parties. Use the VANM App to casually find the latest offers in your area and find something that you like in a few seconds.

With the VANM App you earn 50% of our advertising revenue through the power of blockchain. You will benefit from every search and get to know this city better. It’s all inside your pocket.