Don't build your own website!

If you consider building your own website for a small local business, consider the following:

Since you’re probably not a web designer or programmer yourself, you’d probably need to hire someone to put your site up and running. You’d also have to commit a large amount of time to design, content development and all sorts of ways that make your website stand out from the endless variety of other websites.

All of the above will result in a nice and professional website without any traffic / active visitors. Now you have to spend additional funds towards marketing. Redirecting ad supported traffic from your Facebook site makes having your own site rather pointless as your Facebook site will keep most of the traffic and your average website visits will hardly last a few minutes. Google AdWords is the other popular adverting service and although it can be effective, certain popular AdWords can stack up to a rather expensive marketing campaign on top of your initial investment into your website. All of that has to make a net profit, meaning generate more revenue for your business to at least have been worth your time and effort.

What’s the alternative? It’s certainly not a website. In order to understand the solution, one needs to find the fundamental requirements of their business. Say you want to open a restaurant. Potential customers need to know your location, connect on a visual basis with a well-crafted image or very short video, see your latest offers, get in contact with you and know your opening hours. That’s about it.

Imagine setting up all of the above within a smartphone app in a few minutes in three simple steps with VANM. In addition to that, your ads can be spread virally through our ad mining algorithm that incentives user within your area to watch and share your ads as soon as you post them on our platform. We call them local live ads. Why would you need a homepage, if you can spend much less on effective local advertising at your own rate? You can even track your statistics and interact with your customers directly with our upcoming built-in chat function.

This is how we boost local economies and what we mean when we say: “power to the city you live in”.