50y+ of experience in advanced engineering, programming, design, project management and deep understanding of local consumer markets and network effects.

Ilia Sakowski

Founder / Managing Director

Innovations & Media

Daniel Reuter

Founder / Director

Business Administration & Smart Contracts

Florian Heller

Founder / Director

Product Development & Collaborations

Christian Gräfenstein

Senior Graphics Designer, Frontend Dev & AR Lead

Deniz Dagtekin

Senior Backend & DevOps Lead

Jenny Harth

Digital Media Designer

Peter Schneider

Senior Sales Manager

Evgeniy Sazhin

Blockchain & SEO Dev

Adriano Ritacco

Local Partner & Catering Industry Advocate

Advisory Board

The VANM Advisory Board consists of carefully selected experts who advise the core team on specific issues to support the development of the project.


Pavel Gurov

Business Development & Marketing