The Road Map

Get an overview of our timeline and planned milestones.​

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Concept phase of the VANM project​

Fundamental market analysis​

Surveying potential customers​

Detailed concept development /whitepaper​

Strategic partnerships

Founding the company VANM UG (haftungsbeschränkt)​

Recruitment of additional team members​

Starting app prototype development​

Smart contract development​

Start of token sale​

Prototype app presentation​

End of taken sale​

Community voting on app prototype design​

Start of beta app development​

Expanding local sales activities​

Launch of beta app​

Community Voting for the Beta App

Incorporation of Community Feedback

Planned launch of the VANM Android App​

iOS App Development​

Expansion of the VANM network​

Introduction of the Ad Mining 2.0 Phase

Complete market saturation

Augmented reality beta app / Ad Mining 2.0​

Expansion of VANM services – e.g. Free mobility​

International expansion​